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Pub quiz facts about beer

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February 16, 2018


We’re assuming you’re here because you’re incredibly invested in the world of beer and brewing and so want to learn more about one of the greatest drinks on earth, I mean you may have got lost trying to buy your favourite Butcombe beer (get back on track here) either that or you’ve got a bit too much time on your hands… Whatever the reason you find yourself on this particular blog the facts that you are next to read are sure to keep your mates amused when you bring them up in conversation and you never know, they might also one day help you to win that pub quiz you do every Wednesday despite the fact your team has never won is the 3 years you’ve been going. (We believe in you, this week will be the one!)


The Facts You Never (But secretly wanted to know) Knew About Beer

  • There are only two drinks that are more widely consumed around the world apart from beer, they are tea, and you guessed it, water
  • London suffered a great ‘beer flood’ in 1814 when approximately 388,000 gallons of beer flooded the streets around Tottenham due to several brewery vats being ruptured (Bonus fact: at least 8 people drowned in this flood but the judge and jury ruled that the beer flood occurred as an ‘act of God’ so nobody was prosecuted)
  • People in the Czech Republic are known to drink more beer than anywhere else in the world at an average of 143 litres per person, per year
  • The UK figure is more or less half of that at 67 litres per person (we know what you’re thinking and no, you can’t do that in one night…)
  • In Medieval Britain beer was drunk more than water as the alcohol made it the safer drink to choose
  • It is thought that the first beer ‘brewers’ were the Sumerians who lived around 10,000BC
  • There are over 4,000 beer brands available in the UK (don’t worry, we know Butcombe is your favourite)
  • There are approximately 49,500 pubs in the UK (you can find your favourite pub here)
  • 82% of the beer sold in Britain is also made in Britain (obviously because Britain makes the best beer…)
  • Ale is the oldest style of beer in the world
  • The world beer chugging champion (according to the Guiness Book Of World Records) downed 1 litre of beer in just 1.3seconds, yeah, don’t try that at home…
  • The fear of an empty beer glass is officially known as Zymocenosilicaphobia
  • The foamy head of beer is very important, it is formed by a carbon-dioxide and barley proteins reaction and can say a lot about your beer. If the head is missing it could mean your beer is flat and possibly bland tasting.


We understand you may be confused about why there is only 13 facts and not a rounder figure like 10 or 15, but what can we say, we like to go against the grain and make a statement in all our actions, just like how we make our own statement with all our pints. Now go forth and share your new-found knowledge, you know you want to…

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