Bohemia - Pilsner 4.7%
Made with the soul of a Czech Pilsner

March 4, 2017

It’s fair to say, lager styles in the UK generally get a bad press from a lot of beer drinkers, and for good reason.. most are mass-produced under license knock off copies of genuine European classics, brewed using cheaper ingredients and adjuncts that most continental brewers would shun. They never quite taste like the beers you drink on a city break to Prague or Amsterdam, I don’t need to name the brands, you know who I mean..

A lot of smaller independents brew “fusion” type beers (our own blonde is a nice example), good quality lager ingredients, but top-fermented with ale yeast to produce a more fruity, robust, very pale beer. For the first time, our new Bohemia is a genuine English Pilsner, softened water, bottom fermented for longer, with Pilsner malt and noble Czech hops, with 4-6 weeks cold conditioning that has produced a refreshing, dry beer with delicate spicy, citrus and grassy notes from the noble hops. I tried it for the first time last night, and was blown away – our brewing team have excelled with this beer!

I’m looking forward to trying some more with my Saturday night Jalfrezi later… I’m also assured it will be a great combo with rich, classic British fayre such as chicken and leek pie or suckling pig with dumplings, straight from the Czech Republic. Bohemia will also elevate shellfish dishes with its sweeter flavour notes.

Let us know what you think, but I’d highly recommend you putting this on your list of beers to go out and try! Cheers, Neil