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The Cyclops Descriptor Explained

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January 8, 2018

So, you think you know how to distinguish your pale ale from your APA and your bock from your bitter? The Cyclops Descriptor is a good way to help you distinguish the different characteristics of cask ale.


As soon as your beer is being poured, the eyes start assessing…

Colour – Is it as expected?

Clarity – Is the beer clear?

Carbonation – Does the beer look lively? Can you see carbonation when you swirl the glass?

Cling – The head needs to leave a lacing on the glass


80% of taste comes from the nose as it identifies materials from both inside and outside the mouth, making aroma key.

Put your hand up over the glass and swirl and inhale to capture aromas. Consider the fruit, hop and malt aroma, is it what you expected?

And Finally Taste!

The bit we all look forward to. We sense taste through our taste buds located across the mouth and nose. Start with a small sip to get the initial flavours.

Now go intrepid beer explorer, armed with your newly found beer sommelier skills and woo your friends down the pub by helping them to find their new favourite pint…