Free WIFI in all Butcombe Pubs

We’re growing!

We’re excited to report that we’ve just added two new venues to our pub estate, right here in our heartland.

The Pelican Inn at Chew Magna and The Charlton in Shepton Mallet add to our existing portfolio of 19 pubs across Somerset and the Mendips and mark the beginning of a strategic growth plan that will see up to 20 pubs a year joining our Butcombe family over the next five years.

The Pelican, or Pelly as it is known locally, is named after Sir Francis Drake’s ship in which he set sail from Plymouth to circumnavigate the globe. The pub is set in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is an important location for us, just down the road from our brewery!

The second addition to our Partner Pubs family is The Charlton at Shepton Mallet, a traditional ale house with a large garden, which is just perfect for a pint in the sunshine!

The pubs will remain open with all existing staff, so why not pop down and say hello! We look forward to seeing you there! Cheers!

We’re pleased to announce the completion of our full renovation of The Mill at Rode, the first step in our journey of modernising our existing stock whilst adding to it along the way.

The Mill now boats a fantastic destination for eating out, with a premium casual dining experience and a fabulous selection of wine and spirits to sit alongside our own delicious beers. We can now cater for up to 300 diners inside and out, so plenty of space to come and enjoy! The garden holds a stunning sun terrace which is perfect for those lazy summer evenings.

With a full new menu, why not come and join us for a bite to eat and a pint of the good stuff? New Manager James and his team will greet you with a big smile and wonderful service.

To book, get in touch

Tel: 01373 831100


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Butcombe, Somerset Golf Union and the Road to St Andrew’s!

Somerset Golf Union

The Somerset county team who won the South West Counties match play and stroke play titles against Devon, Dorset, Cornwall, Wiltshire and Gloucestershire pictured with Somerset Golf Union President Tommy Tulk.

the Somerset team who won the South West counties match play and stroke play titles against Dorset Devon Cornwall Wiltshire and Gloucester we now qualify to pay in County Finals  in September in Cheshire against the winners of the three other regions.

‘We are proud to say that, by both sales and affection, Butcombe Bitter is the beer of Somerset and we are thus delighted to join forces with our county’s guardians of the great game of golf in our newly agreed partnership with the Somerset Golf Union.’ So say the Somerset Golf Union and here here!

Ali Balcombe

Clevedon golfer Ali Balcombe who is competing in this Summer’s Open Championships at St Andrew’s.

We are delighted to announce our partnership with the Somerset Golf Union as of this Summer. The relationship seems already to be bearing fruit as Clevedon Golf Club and Somerset golfer Ali Balcombe came through qualifying to take his place at this week’s Open Championships at St Andrew’s, where, at the time of writing during his 2nd round, he is currently outperforming Tiger Woods (a decreasingly awe-inspiring statement granted but come on, pretty bloody impressive!).


Taken at the Butcombe-sponsored St Margaret’s Hospice Charity Golf Day held at Long Sutton Golf Club, where £20,000 was raised for charity.

The SGU do great work promoting the game of golf and using its wide appeal for good causes, as evidenced by the Butcombe-sponsored St Margaret’s Hospice Charity Golf Day held at Long Sutton Golf Club, where £20,000 was raised for charity.

A great organisation who we are proud to be partnered with adding to our support of local sport that already takes in being the official beer of Bristol Rugby, City and Rovers and sponsoring the Butcombe UK National Skittles Competition.

Butcombe Bitter will again be pouring at both the Memorial Stadium and the larger renovated Ashton Gate this forthcoming season so do get down there and post pics and all that to our Facebook and Twitter.

More info on the SGU:

Thanks for reading and as ever, keep drinking the Butcombe

We Need Beer Tasters – The Best Job In The World (Probably)!

We’ll leave our new Director of Brewing, Stuart Howe, to tell you more:


Inside Butcombe Brewery. To see the ‘tasting room’ you’ll have to apply for our Flavour Panel & enter the Butcombe Taste Academy!


brewery_banner‘We need to recruit Bristol and North Somerset’s best palates to form an elite team of expert beer tasters that we are calling the Butcombe Flavour Panel. The panel will undertake a scientifically-controlled tasting of the week’s production, carried out on Friday afternoon at 2pm. We are not necessarily looking for big beer drinkers, just people who have exceptionally sensitive noses and palates, an interest in flavour and the capability to describe what they perceive.

Stuart Howe 2

Parliamentary Brewer of the Year 2011 and new Butcombe Brewmaster, Stuart Howe.

Those who volunteer will be taken through the Butcombe Taste Academy to firstly test their tasting capability and then to train them in the science and terminology of beer tasting. Those who graduate the academy (and not all will make the grade) will form the panel and have the honour of helping shape and control the flavour of Butcombe beers enjoyed around the world. Your attendance will also be rewarded with an allowance of free beer to take away.

As well as a tip-top palate, anyone applying to join the panel will need to be free to regularly attend the tasting sessions on Friday at 2pm at Butcombe Brewery, Cox’s Green, Wrington, BS40 5PA.’

How to apply: Simple. Email Stuart on with just a short note about your interest and availability and he will get in touch to invite you down for a taste and a test of your tasting abilities.

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Best Pub in Britain / Best Beers of 2015 part 1

Salutation beers

Landlord of The Salutation, Pete behind the bar with a typically varied and mainly local range of beers with his house beer Butcombe Bitter on the left.

Peter Tiley had never even pulled a pint when he decided to quit his job in London and follow his love of beer to take over The Salutation Inn, Ham, Gloucs with his wife Claire. Eleven months later the pub had won the CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) title of best pub in the local area, before going on to win the regional title and finally being named this February as the CAMRA pub of the year – the best pub in Britain!

Plough Congresbury

The Plough at Congresbury, Bristol & District Pub of the Year 2015.

Alma epic pints

Perfect pints of Butcombe Bitter seen here in the suntrap garden at the Alma Vale Tavern, Clifton, Bristol.

The Salutation was commended for its simple pub characteristics, the quality of its food and its welcome and moreover for its ‘inspired selection of ales’. The Sally has the advantage of a strong, long-established drinking trade but that does not make their cask beer strategy any less relevant to pubs with fewer beer drinkers and pumps. Unlike many of the most obvious CAMRA favourites from among the 50,000 or so other pubs in the UK, Pete has resisted the temptation to sell the maximum number of ales possible. He has 6 hand pulls with 5 beers usually available and sells multiple firkins a week on each pump. Moreover, he has, it strikes me, walked the line of consistency versus rotation of cask ales perfectly. We are proud and delighted that Pete chose Butcombe Bitter as his permanent beer. He rotates all other pumps but with many breweries (Bristol Beer Factory, Oakham, Severn Vale) and indeed beers (Butcombe Haka, Oakham JHB, Cotswold Spring OSM) returning regularly. It is a policy in the middle ground between 5 pumps that never change and 5 pumps on which you never see the same beer twice whilst also avoiding the pitfalls of selling 1 firkin per week of 12 different beers on 12 pumps and all the quality and other issues that brings. At Butcombe we believe that this middle ground – if not this exact percentage and strategy – is where the very best beer experiences are to be found. Caveat: this is not to say great beer is not served in pubs with 2 permanent hand pulls as with only 2 pumps 2 perfectly kept permanent beers makes great sense; equally, great beer is also sold in pubs with 12 rotating beers. It is simply my preference and our opinion as a brewery that somewhere in between these 2 extremes, there exists a great opportunity for consistency of product, of opportunity to return for beers previously enjoyed and of experimentation.

Salutation Best Pub

The Salutation at Ham. CAMRA Pub of the Year 2015.

Any regular readers of our blog posts and especially Twitter feed will know that I/we am/are beer lovers that have favourite beers and who also discover new favourites every month from all over the South West and further afield. I will leave below a list of great beers I personally have tried this year and where I found them. All that being said, this is our website and I am proud to say I think we make the best beer in the West Country and some of the best in the UK so I don’t feel too bad in telling you we took great pleasure back in Feb upon The Sally’s announcement as Pub of the Year in being made aware that all 3 winners of the prize (that has been awarded since 1988) that fall within our delivery area – loosely termed the West Country – have chosen Butcombe beers as permanent beers on their bar (The Salutation, Ham – Bitter; The Old Spot, Dursley, Gloucs – Rare Breed; The Halfway House, Pitney, Somerset - Rare Breed). All 3 have spoken to us about the success they have in knowing that they have a go-to beer that the locals love and that if people try something and don’t like it, then there is a well-made, balanced, hoppy but sessionable permanent alternative. Sometimes I feel like we are fighting a losing battle when we talk to landlords about the benefits of a permanent (Butcombe) beer but these highly successful pubs, further examples to come and my own experiences in my local pubs show the benefits.

Bohemia Harbourside

Butcombe BOHEMIA – Czech-style Pilsner 4.5% – on the taps at #1 Harbourside, Bristol on launch night, March 2015. Head there for a pint of it any time.

The desire to write this piece, as with our piece on Craft Beer back in 2013 and with many others since, is mostly the desire to write about beer and specifically whatever I am currently grappling with/discovering/enjoying in the world of beer; it was also to celebrate the great news at the Salutation and also partly to take stock of the fact that this news has not come in isolation and to take the time to be pleased at the place where we find ourselves as a brewery. In April, Garry Polledri picked up his award for the Plough, Congresbury as it was named Bristol & District Pub of the Year for the 3rd consecutive year. The Plough again has a great range of beers on including as a permanent fixture our Butcombe Bitter. I first drank Butcombe Bitter when I was 17 and I must say that I am yet to find a session beer I enjoy more nor a better 4% bitter. It is drinkable, perfectly balanced and deeply moreish (it’s rather a shameless strategy on the part of our brewers – sorry all!) and is consistently voted among the best beers in the UK. In a print interview, Garry at The Plough described it as a ‘must-stock’, which is rather nice to hear. There are many other examples of great pubs with the right mix of beer (lots with Butcombe and some without i will admit!) and more on some of them another time.

From a personal point of view, living in Bristol, it is equally gratifying to see our new keg beer, BOHEMIA – a UK-produced, US-hopped, Czech-style Pilsner – on the bar permanently in The Canteen and #1 Harbourside - very different venues to the Plough but with the same love of great beer at their heart – alongside our cask beers after a great launch at both venues last month. I have drunk a lot of Butcombe so far this year and am delighted to find our classics are better than ever and our new beers just keep delivering; I have drunk a lot of Rare Breed this year in fab venues The Greenbank and The Grace, Great Grey Owl APA all over Bristol, most recently in The PennyGold  in the Prince of Wales Gloucester Road and sessions on Butcombe Bitter in the Alma Vale Tavern and Crofters Rights stand out.

Melissa Cole HAKA White Post Rimpton EPIC

A perfect pint of Butcombe Haka – beautifully fruity from the New Zealand Nelson Sauvin hops, balanced, bitter at 4.5%. Seen here in the garden of the White Post at Rimpton courtesy of the camera of beer sommelier Melissa Cole who called it ‘an utter joy’.

As promised, away from Butcombe, 2015 started for me with one of the best pints of my life at The Bag of NailsHotwells, Bristol. The beer was Mama Knows Best by Franklins Brewery in Sussex and it is the best ‘best bitter’ I have had bar Butcombe in my life. Doctor Sunshine’s Special Friendly may not be a great name but boy is it a great beer, enjoyed at The Penny on Whiteladies Road along with York Brewery Mosaic (a great hop for single hop beers perfectly demonstrated here; think bubblegum in a good way(?) – no, I can’t imagine it either!) and Thornbridge’s devastatingly good but strong Kipling. February saw me return to Craft Beer Rising at the old Truman Brewery in London where I had, frankly the best  selection of beer of any festival to date. I’m becoming a picky chooser I guess! Highlights were everything by Saltaire; their New World Red is sublime and defies categorization, which is even better – categories can be so restrictive and make people miss the point that great beer is great beer, regardless of whether or not it conforms to what you think an IPA should be like. BUT, then I had their Triple Chocoholic and my mind was blown. I didn’t even expect to like it but i loved its chocolate malts, chocolate syrup and real chocolate combo so much that I later stalked the beer all the way to Y Mochyn Du in Cardiff where I enjoyed 3 pints alongside another corking pale in the form of Grey Trees Chinookian VPA. Craft Beer Rising also featured Nene Valley’s epic 7.4% Fenland Saison, Ilkley’s Rhubarb Saison and an old favourite in the form of Dark Star’s American Pale Ale (oh okay and a couple of Hophead – it may no longer be ‘a find’ or cool but it’s a great beer.). My Cardiff trip also brought me a fantastic session at the Pen & Wig on Butcombe’s Crimson King and Gold and indeed a new find in the form of Loch Ness’s eponymous Loch Ness, a deep, complex but sessionable 80 -/ beer.

Penny Oakham Forger

Oakham Ales in peterborough are one of the best in the UK in my opinion and their Limited Edition low ABV Forger, 3.5% packed a wonderfully bitter citric hop punch with a great finish, seen here outside The Penny, Whiteladies Road, Bristol.

In the interest of time I will rattle through the rest: I was also blown away by Red Willow’s Feckless when in Manchester and impressed by Marble’s Pint. Back in Bristol I discovered Cotswold Spring Old Sudbury Mild in the Beer Emporium (who knew I liked milds but this is epic!) and Arbor’s Saison des Faites (it’s taken me a while to find an Arbor beer I like – over-hopped Motueka and almost bacony Smokescreen Porter among many misses for me personally but this was the best saison I have tasted since our Belle Saison last year). I have had a lot of great beer in Canteen, #1 Harbourside, The Social, The Bell on Hillgrove Street, Colston Yard, The Gryphon, The Christmas Steps (Alechemy’s Citra Burst and some more Hophead the highlights), the Highbury Vaults, White Bear Cotham, Tobacco Factory and more but my 2 beers of 2015 so far have to be our own Haka, consumed everywhere I found it and which, as anyone who has tasted it and any landlord who has tried to secure permanent supply of it will know, always runs out way too fast (if only there were more of the New Zealand hops we needed!) and that Triple Chocoholic - Lord have mercy! I have also had a few absolute stinkers so far this year but I won’t name and shame as we are living at a time when there is more great beer to drink than ever (even if the corollary is that there is also more opportunity to drink bad beer). Many of the best beers named above have come through our guest beer programme, which I am lucky enough to co-ordinate and if you are a landlord who fancies discovering more about it, then give me a call or email (01934 863 963 working hours /

Y Mochyn Du Triple Choc

The ludicrously beautiful and surprisingly sessionable Saltaire Triple Chocoholic in the garden of the Y Mochyn Du, Cardiff.

With 3 great new seasonal beers coming over the Summer and Autumn and new Director of Brewing Stuart Howe having started work this week the future for us looks full of more stunning Butcombe beers than ever.

Anyway, feeling very lucky to work in such an interesting, inventive industry for such a great brewery and looking forward to sharing more with you in future. Follow us on Twitter if you like the above @ButcombeBrewery.

Happy beery times to you all.


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Butcombe Land Stuart Howe as Director of Brewing

Stuart Howe

Stuart Howe with his hand on the Butcombe Bitter pump at the Lamb at Axbridge as he met the Butcombe team for the first time last Friday.

We are delighted to announce the impending arrival of Stuart Howe – the most recognizable name in British brewing – at Butcombe Brewery.

From May, Stuart - Parliamentary Brewer of the Year in 2011: the highest accolade in British brewing – will start work as our Director of Brewing.

Stuart is recognized as one of the leading brewers and innovators in the industry and joins Butcombe from Molson-Coors Craft, where he was responsible for their three breweries in the UK and Ireland (Sharp’s in Cornwall, Franciscan Well in Cork and Worthington’s in Burton).

Stuart is best-known for his sterling job done as Head Brewer  at Cornwall-based Sharp’s Brewery, where he was instrumental in the brewery’s incredible increase in production from 10,000 to 400,000 hectolitres per year (6,000 to 244,000 brewers’ barrels). At Sharp’s, Stuart made great improvements and innovations across the range of beers, garnering dozens of awards along the way; he has proved consistently in his personality and in his beer, his skills as a leader, innovator and passionate advocate for British-brewed beer and both Stuart and ourselves are delighted about his new role and are excited to get to work.

Stuart Howe said about his appointment, ‘I am incredibly privileged to work in the brewing industry. My passion is to make great beers and Butcombe Brewery has a fantastic reputation in the global beer community for producing some of this country’s top ales. I am looking forward to being a part of that story.’

Chinook APA JPEG

Chinook A.P.A (American Pale Ale), available Autumn 2015 – one of 2 new seasonal beers this year! More details to come.

For the past few years our goal has been to showcase our ability to brew both world-class traditional beers like the still unbeatable (to my mind) Butcombe Bitter as well as world-class ‘craft beers’ such as the beautiful Haka.

We started with Great Grey Owl & Yeti and then the aforementioned Haka all in 2013. By the arrival of  Crimson King, Brunel Atlantic and Bohemia last year, the momentum on our seasonal beers was huge and factor in the huge boom in Rare Breed sales since last year’s re-brand, we feel we are uniquely placed to offer great beer to very different markets. We will only improve and diversify with Stuart at the helm. Since September we have also been doing a once-monthly Limited Edition series to supplement our 3 permanents and 2 rotating seasonals and the first 4, Belle Saison, 5.0%, Bohemia, 5.2% cask-conditioned Pilsner, In Bruges, 4.4% Belgian white bier and BIG IPA, 5.0% have been incredibly well-received.

As a reward for reading this far, here’s a sneak peak at one of a number of new seasonal beers that we will be brewing later this year under Stuart: Chinook A.P.A (available from late August through the Autumn). Expect a lot from us in the coming year and beyond with Stuart forming a key part of our progress.

Thanks for reading and happy beery rest of week to you,


Stuart Howe

Career highlights include:

- Completed Brewing and Distilling Honours at Heriot-Watt University, winning the Sir William Waters-Butler, Brewers Guild and Bass Prizes for his project work

- Worked for McMullen, W.H. Brakspear & Sons and Scottish & Newcastle

- Joined Sharps Brewery in 2002 as Head Brewer

- Runner up Institute of Brewing and Distilling International Young Brewer of the Year in 2007

- Named Parliamentary Brewer of the Year in 2011, the highest accolade in British brewing

- Appointed Head of Craft Brewing and Innovation, Molson-Coors Craft in 2013.

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Liberation and Butcombe – ‘Phase 3′

Guy Newell, Managing Director of Butcombe Brewery, among the casks.

Guy Newell, Managing Director of Butcombe Brewery, among the casks.

Phase 1 of Butcombe Brewery was under Simon and Maureen Whitmore; they started the brewery in 1978 and turned what was at the time our only brand – Butcombe Bitter – into an iconic and popular local brew. Phase 2 of Butcombe, under Guy & Becky Newell, began with the purchase of Butcombe and its 6 freehold pubs in 2003 and saw our cask beer volume double and our pub estate grow selectively to 19 beautiful pubs and also saw the addition of great new permanent and seasonal cask beers, keg beers, the creation and huge growth of our bottled beer business, the creation of our own cider brand in Ashton Press Cider and a burgeoning wholesale business. Today, we are pleased to announce the beginning of Phase 3…

The Liberation Group has acquired Butcombe Brewery, bringing together two of Britain’s best-known independent brewery and pub companies. There is great synergy between the two businesses; Liberation bring vast experience in wholesaling and also produce over 5,000 barrels of great cask beer. Continuing to trade as Butcombe in the UK, all the team here are looking forward to business as usual whilst being able to offer our free-trade customers an even wider and better choice of products over the coming months as we expand into further warehousing and commence composite wholesaling in late 2015. For the avoidance of doubt, Butcombe beer will continue to be made in the same way by the same people in the same brewery in Wrington, South of Bristol, where we have been since our move from the village of Butcombe in 2005.

The 'jumping-off point' for Phase 3!

Today marks the ‘jumping-off point’ for Phase 3 in the history of Butcombe Brewery.

The Liberation Group (the award winning pubs, eateries and drinks business in the Channel Islands) was formed in 2008 with a management team led by Mark Crowther. Liberation has established itself as the leading pub and drinks business in the Channel Islands, with 75 predominantly freehold pubs, the Liberation Brewery and two retail and wholesale drinks supply businesses.

Butcombe Brewery was founded in 1978 and is the leading brewer and pub operator in Somerset, Bristol, Bath, the Mendips and the Cotswolds, with 19 managed pubs and the multi award-winning Butcombe Brewery.

The combined business will benefit from stronger buying power and supply opportunities, enabling Liberation Group to sell Butcombe beers in the Channel Islands, while exporting Liberation ales on draught and in bottles into the UK.

Mark Crowther, Chief Executive of Liberation Group said, “We have been looking for some time for the right UK business to acquire as part of our longer term growth strategy. This marks the start of the exciting next chapter for Liberation and Butcombe both of whom share the same passion for quality beers and great pubs. The enlarged group provides the perfect bridge head platform for further future growth in the UK market. We are really looking forward to welcoming the Butcombe team into the Liberation Group.”

What it's all about: a perfect pint of Butcombe Bitter (photo courtesy of Joseph Trinder)

What it’s all about: a perfect pint of Butcombe Bitter (photo courtesy of Joseph Trinder)

Guy Newell, Managing Director of Butcombe Brewery added, “We have had significant interest from several UK pub and drinks businesses, but for us Liberation Group was by far the best fit with our business. They share our ethos for high quality products and service and have proved, as we have, that being independent does not necessarily prevent you from being recognised for excellence alongside some of the biggest global names in the industry. This is a new chapter for both businesses and all of the team here is looking forward to being a part of that.”

Liberation Group intends to invest in Butcombe Brewery’s existing pubs. Expansion is planned to build a portfolio of food-led managed and high quality tenanted pubs, whilst continuing the growth and development of the Butcombe beer and cider range.

Many thanks for your continued support as customers and consumers and most importantly…

Keep drinking the Butcombe!

Tom Newell, Butcombe Brewery

Tuesday January 6th 2015.

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BIg News at The Yard, Three Great Events and New ‘Limited Edition’ Brews


Colston Yard is dead, long live The Yard!

Yard June 2014

The rear bar area at The Yard that will – as of Tues 9th Sept – be serviced by 8 brand new beer lines, showcasing 6 ever-changing craft keg beers alongside permanently available Brunel Atlantic IPA and Ashton Press cider

Well sort of anyway. While the building will remain Colston Yard, our beautiful ground floor pub at the top of Colston Street, opposite the BRI in central Bristol will henceforth be known simply as The Yard :)

EVENT 1: Head on down to The Yard (Colston Street, Bristol, BS1 5BD : on TUESDAY 9th SEPTEMBER for what is effectively a re-launch and a triple celebration all in one. If you don’t want too much info then the headline is that The Yard has installed another bank of beer lines and will now be serving even more great beer and all Butcombe beers will be FREE between 5:30-8pm on that Tuesday.

This is what the evening of celebration is in aid of:

1. We have just installed a further 6 craft keg beer lines taking the totals to 14 keg lines and 6 cask!

Crimson King Clip

Crimson King is a sprightly red beer, beautifully balanced, malty and sessionable that is available from launch night (Tuesday 9th Sept) through until late November.

2. We have fantastic new managers in the form of former Brighton pub managers Matt & Karen who are hugely knowledgeable beer bods and very lovely to boot!

3. We are launching and showcasing our new cask beer, the 4.3% red-tinged ‘Crimson King‘, as well as our new keg beer, Brunel Atlantic IPA!

Bonus 4. The Yard, as an official Bristol Rugby venue for this season, is showing every Bristol game as well as all major sport on both Sky and BT Sports

See you on Tuesday then! Invite all your friends


Yard keg

Keg beers at The Yard last month; an example of the sort of range on sale, only set to increase as of Tuesday 9th Sept:
- Veltins German Pilsner
- Chimay Gold
- Wild Beer Co, Fresh
- Sierra Nevada, Pale Ale


The first of our new ‘Limited Edition’ one-off short run brews, Belle Saison. (It is stunning; think Leffe on the nose and something fruitier and deeper in the pallet)

EVENT 2: In further news, the start of Bristol Beer Week (really Bristol Beer 10 days: 12-21 Sept) is upon us and it all kicks off at The Tobacco factory, Bedminster on SUNDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER, which will be showcasing all the beers from local breweries brewed exclusively for Bristol Beer Week, including our very own Belle Saison. This 5.0% Belgian-style Saison (a farmhouse beer style reminiscent of wheat beer that is fruity and naturally slightly hazy) is the first in our new ‘Limited Edition’ series of beers that we will be brewing bi-monthly, only producing 30-40 firkins of each beer. Belle Saison will be first available at the Tobacco factory on Sunday 14th Sept and will then be delivered to the following venues in Bristol (among others around the South West) later that week: The Yard, Beer Emporium, Full Moon Stoke’s Croft, Prince of Wales Gloucester Road, Hare Bedminster, #1 Harbourside, Grain Barge, The Lanes, Crofters Rights, Robin Hood St Michael’s Hill…Bristol beer Week

EVENT 3: As part of Bristol Beer Week, The Yard is playing host to a Meet The Brewer Night with Butcombe brewer Lawrence Wilson on Wednesday 17th Sept starting at 6:00pm.

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Brewery Open Day Saturday September 27th 2014

Come up and see us – we’ll make you smile!

Open Day at the Brewery – Saturday September 27th008

For the last 5 or 6 years, we have chosen a Saturday in September to throw open the doors of the Brewery to all-comers and we’re on a roll! At the risk of tempting fate (bah!), the last 3 years have seen glorious sunshine and between 400 and 600 people enjoying regularly departing tours of the Brewery, a bit of Morris dancing and a lot of beer. The event is really our way of saying thank you to the people of Wrington and to fans and drinkers of Butcombe from all over and so entry is free of charge with an open bar on 3 Butcombe cask beers, cold-filtered Blond Premium and Ashton Press cider. You can’t say fairer than that now can you!

This year’s event will run from 11am-3pm and possibly a little beyond(!) and will feature more live music and, for the first time, some food – of course a secondary consideration to the beer! We have teamed up with our neighbours at the Story Meat Company who will be selling a selection of delicious food. So, put a ring around it on your calendar and bring your friends, family and all your beer and cider-drinking friends and we’ll see you for one heck of an afternoon!


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Butcombe Fantasy Premier League Celebrates Butcombe Bitter: Official beer of Bristol City and Rovers

Ashton gate drinks

Guy Newell (3rd from left), Managing Director of Butcombe, poses with one of the many new Butcombe Bitter pumps now installed and ready to go at Ashton Gate stadium. To the right you can also see a dual keg font of Ashton press and Thatchers Dry Cider.

Butcombe Bitter has been confirmed as the official beer of Bristol Rovers, Brtistol City and Bristol Rugby for the upcoming season. Bitter will be pouring at every game at both the Memorial Stadium and Ashton gate alongside Ashton Press Cider (and Thatchers Dry). What a result for the people and sports fans of Bristol to have clubs who listen to what the fans want to drink rather than simply taking the offer of the biggest cheque  We are very proud to be the official beer of these 3 clubs and wish them all every success this season.

So, we thought – especially in view of the success of our Fantasy Euro 2012 and World Cup 2014 games – a good first move as official beer at City and Rovers would be to give some of it away and what better way than through the Butcombe Brewery Fantasy premier League. Join here: League logo

We want to see every City and Rovers fan as well as Butcombe drinkers and football fans in general joining this Mini-league and making it more like a Maxi-league!

This is what we’re going to give away at the end of the season:

- 1st place will receive any 24 bottles of Butcombe beer, a £20 Gift Voucher for our shop, a piece of Butcombe clothing of their choice, the Butcombe Fantasy Premier League trophy and the title of Butcombe Fantasy Premier League Champion 2014/15

- 2nd-4th (Champion League) places will win any 12 bottles of Butcombe beers and a £10 Gift Voucher for our shop.

- 5th-6th (Europa League) places will receive any 12 bottles of Butcombe beers.

- Manager of the Month – The player whose team gains the most points in each calendar month will be named Manager of the Month and can choose any 12 bottles of beer as their prize.

- Manager of the week - The team with the highest score in each Game Week (GW) will be entered into a draw at the end of the season to win any 12 bottles of beers.  If two or more teams hold the highest score for any GW then each team will be entered.  You can of course have the highest score for multiple GWs for which your team will go into the pot multiple times thus increasing your chances to WIN.

There is no need to worry if you miss the first few weeks as you can join at any time and with Manager of the Week and manager of the Month you’ll always have a chance to win.

Weekly and monthly winners will be announced on Twitter so follow us or keep an eye on You can email or post on the forum of the league itself with any queries:

Share this link all over Facebook and Twitter please – the more the merrier!

p.s My team, ‘Fuelled by Butcombe’ are there to be shot at. After finishing 1st in our Fantasy Euro 2012 and 2nd at this year’s World Cup, Butcombe put up their top man for the job and don’t mess around!

Rugby World Cup

Publican Toby Brett (Victoria Pub & kitchen, Bath among others) with a pint of Butcombe Bitter and the Webb Ellis Rugby World Cup Trophy!

p.p.s Though this post focuses on football with the fantasy League element, we wanted to add that we are particularly thrilled to also be the official beer of Bristol’s proud rugby team. After last year’s near miss we hope to fuel Bristol to the Premiership with the power of Butcombe Bitter.

The Butcombe British Skittles Championships – Get Involved

Skittles butcombe logo

You have until 10th April to contact Shoot out Club to register your team:

Butcombe are proud to announce the birth of the Butcombe British Skittles Championships!

The Butcombe British Skittles Championship is going for the Guinness World Record for the biggest skittles tournament in the world!

Look at those pins!

Look at those pins!

This year, the British Championships is celebrating its second decade and goes from strength to strength with qualifying matches taking place throughout the Spring and Summer and the very best ending up at the Finals weekend in Torquay in September. And this year, skittles just got better – Butcombe Bitter better!

Butcombe Bitter’s tag line this year is #GetInvolved as Bitter becomes the official beer of and only beer pouring at Bristol rugby, Bristol rovers and Bristol City and the Butcombe British Skittles Championships add another feather to the beer’s cap in the year it became the most consumed pint in the West Country. Go us!

Skittles sales team

The Butcombe Sales Team (AKA the Rare Breeds) with Rachel from Shoot Out Club. From left to right: Steve, Neil, Ollie, martin, Rachel, Guy (Butcombe managing Director) and Stuart

There are big Butcombe-related advantages and goodies for pubs/clubs with alleys if they enter teams and stock Butcombe Bitter and also lots of good stuff for teams who enter. Deadline for entries is fast approcahing on April 11th so check out full details and get your team in here:

You wouldn't want to hit the front pin with this line-up now would you?

You wouldn’t want to hit the front pin with this line-up now would you?

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