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ButCombe Beers & CIDER

Butcombe is proud to brew the following beers:


= Available in cask


= Available in bottles

Full Allergen Declaration
Full Allergen Declaration

Permanent Cask Beers

Butcombe Bitter

Butcombe Bitter ABV: 4.0%
beer colour

The West Country’s favourite beer derives from pure Mendip Spring Water…notably bitter, clean tasting, refreshingly dry and distinctive. Made with 100% best Maris Otter malt (the Rolls Royce of malts), together with a blend of (never divulged) English hop varieties…Butcombe Bitter is a moreish Mendip masterpiece!

2013 Silver Champion Beer of the South West
2013 Bronze Medal at the Great British Beer Festival

style: BEST BITTER bitter: hop hop hop hop hop
see: CLASSIC AMBER sweet: hop hop hop hop hop
smell: hoppy, malty, pepper            
taste: clean, dry, bitter            

Butcombe Gold

Butcombe Gold ABV: 4.4%
beer colour

A refreshing golden bitter brimming with character…not to mention citrus hops and fruit. Made with 100% Maris Otter malt, and brewed using a single variety hop…English Fuggles. A malty fresh vitality gives way to a full bitter sweet finish…pure Gold!

style: premium bitter bitter: hop hop hop hop hop
see: golden sunset sweet: hop hop hop hop hop
smell: subtle, fuggles hop aroma
taste: slightly sweet, abiding dryness

Adam Henson's Rare Breed

Adam Henson's Rare Breed ABV: 3.8%
beer colour

Adam Henson's Rare Breed combines a shared passion for farming and brewing. Cotswold farmer and TV presenter Adam Henson has worked in partnership with Butcombe Brewery to bring together the finest West Country ingredients - Maris Otter malting barley, aromatic Herefordshire hops and Mendip spring water, combined with a sprinkling of the delicious, fruity Cascade hop, to create this distinctive, refreshing, and clean-tasting pale ale.

style: PALE ALE bitter: hop hop hop hop hop
see: PALE AMBER sweet: hop hop hop hop hop
smell: hoppy, citrus, floral
taste: refreshing, fruity, balanced

Seasonal Cask Beers


Mendip Spring

Mendip Spring ABV: 3.8%

Mendip Spring is a crisp, tasty, pale straw-coloured bitter. The beer is grounded in the versatile English Challenger hop but is given its distinctive floral taste by the American Amarillo hops added at the end of the brewing process. The beer has fresh citrus notes and a dry finish. Tantalizingly fresh!



Butcombe Simcoe ABV: 4.5%

Simcoe is a new beer designed by Head Brewer, Stuart Howe. Golden in colour, a pale ale in style: fresh-tasting and with good malt backbone. Hoppy without being aggressively front-loaded, the beer is subtle and delicious and showcases the fruit and pine notes of the US Simcoe hop.


HOpeye ABV: 4.2%


Arriving July 2016.


Butcombe Chinook ABV: 4.2%

'The perfect combination of the greatest British malt and the classic US hop. Chinook is a wind and a helicopter but foremost a beautiful US hop and this A.P.A (American Pale Ale) showcases it wonderfully. The aroma is a blend of hop spice, sherbet-lemon citrus and warm malt. On the palate, Chinook APA has a rounded barley sugar sweetness leading to a crisp citrus bittersweet finish.


Butcombe Moxee ABV: 4.8%

A pale, fruity, easy-drinking IPA that showcases hops grown in the Moxee Valley in Washington State, a sub-region of the famous Yakima Valley.

Yeti Glacial Pale Ale

Yeti "Glacial Pale Ale" ABV: 4.0%

A 'Glacier Cool' Blond beer made with a beautiful balance of rugged North American hops, predominantly the crisp and gently fruity Glacier hop.

Crimson King

Crimson King ABV: 4.3%

A big red beer using Rye malt to give distinctive, refreshing, spicy dry flavours. Three UK hops plus Styrians for aroma, combine to make a red beer bursting with hop character, and a fresh, fruity aroma.

Great Grey Owl

Great Grey Owl

'2015 sees the second coming of the Great Grey Owl and we're upping the hop character from last year to make a beautifully hoppy, slightly fruity session American Pale Ale for the Spring. Golden Yellow in colour, made with a medley of 5 US hops, including Citra, a subtle biscuit malt background balances the strong hop character before a strong citrus bitterness in the finish. The wheat sheaves on our logo become a vole so the Great Grey has something to snack on. Voles are his favourite don't you know!'

Brunel Atlantic IPA

Butcombe Brunel Atlantic IPA ABV: 4.1%
beer colour

A 4.1% IPA that maintains the classic bitterness and robustness of the style but with the addition of beautifully fruity American hops and all at an ABV that can be enjoyed all night. Impressively strong and full-flavoured for its ABV, this is a piece of classic and bold Butcombe engineering! ‘Atlantic’ is the little cousin of our bottled Brunel IPA at 5%.

Christmas Steps

Christmas Steps ABV: 4.2%
Beer Colour

Best Maris Otter is blended with a precise selection of malts that together lend the beer a reddish hue. Challenger and Bramling Cross hops are used, the latter delivering a distinctive and fruity blackcurrant finish. Season's Greetings…Ho, Ho, Ho!

style: BEST BITTER bitter: hop hop hop hop hop
see: reddish hue sweet: hop hop hop hop hop
smell: rich fruit, blackcurrant
taste: chocolate, spicy,warming


Haka ABV: 4.5%
Beer Colour

A unique and enticing 4.5% bitter, light gold in colour, packed full of fruity New-Zealand hops, including Nelson Sauvin. Wonderful aromas of tropical fruits give way to a unique grapefruit sharpness in the taste, offset by hints of grape, gooseberries, peach, mango, citrus, pineapple and passionfruit. Full-flavoured and invigorating yet well-balanced and subtle. A dangerously drinkable, unique light golden ale.

style: BEST BITTER bitter: hop hop hop hop hop
see: very light gold sweet: hop hop hop hop hop
smell: fruity, biscuit, citrus
taste: zingy, tropical fruits, citrus

Limited edition Cask Beers

A regular series of one-off Limited Edition runs of 36x9s of new beers, started in September 2014


Gotham ABV: 5.2%

A dark and stormy Saison. Saison is a strong farmhouse beer style popular in Belgium. Gotham keeps the complex strong taste of a Belgian Saison and adds more intricate hop flavours and holds back a little of the fruity, yeasty sharpness to form a mouth-wateringly complex and full-flavoured dark Saison. The colour is somewhere between a best bitter and a porter; dark brown.

Belle Saison

Belle Saison ABV: 5.0%

The first in a new series of periodical 'Limited Edition' short brew runs from Butcombe.

With fantastic fruit and classic wheat-beer aromas from the beautiful 'Belle' yeast, "Belle Saison" drinks like a new world wheat beer. A stunning saison.


Belle Saison ABV: 5.2%

We have created a phenomenal czech-style pilsner in cask, brewed with lager yeast and cold-conditioned at 1° for 4 weeks. bohemia is crystal clear, a wonderful pale colour and is crisp and refreshing with spicy and citrus notes. unlike most lagers, it is generously hopped with styrians and saaz among others and has robust malt character from munich malt and wheat.

In Bruges

In Bruges ABV: 4.4%

The third in a new series of periodical ‘limited edition’ short brew runs from Butcombe.

We have created a beautiful, category-defying beer. It is definitively Belgian on the nose (think Leffe or Hoegaarden) but is far lighter in the taste (almost like a pale ale) and finishes with a beautiful saison-like fruity tartness. The beer is crystal clear, subtle and stunningly good – we are delighted.


Big IPA ABV: 5.0%

2015 is an IPA year for us with  a new, washington state-hopped ipa our new 3-month seasonal in the autumn. Before then, we are delighted to introudce you to this one-off, english-hopped ‘Big IPA’.

This 5.0% beer is an english take on the american concept of an all-day ipa. It has the rounded, full-flavoured hop character but showcases english aroma hops and thus drinks easier than its strength would dictate. It’s lovely. Enjoy!


Zeus ABV: 7.4%

The first beer from britain’s most renowned brewer stuart howe.

The sixth 'Limited Edition' Special from Butcombe.

7.4% Imperial Golden Barley Wine dry-hopped with Nelson Sauvin. Very boozy with grape/gooseberry notes. Sweet, alcoholic palate with fruity hop finish.

Butcombe in a keg


Butcombe Bohemia ABV: 4.5%

An english-made, flavoursome czech-style pilsner! Bohemia is a phenomenal czech-style pilsner brewed with lager yeast and cold-conditioned at 1° for 4 weeks. A wonderful pale colour, bohemia is crisp and refreshing with spicy and citrus notes and unlike most lagers, it is generously hopped not only with czech saaz hops but also with U.S hops to add fruity notes.

Brunel Atlantic IPA

Butcombe Brunel Atlantic IPA ABV: 4.1%

A 4.1% chestnut-coloured IPA that features the classic bitterness and robustness of IPAs with the addition of beautifully fruity American hops and all at an ABV that can be enjoyed all night. This is a piece of classic and bold Butcombe engineering!

Blond Premium

Butcombe Blond Premium ABV: 4.5%

Blond Premium is a delicious Anglo-European fusion. The palest English malt flavoured with the finest Eastern European hops combine to deliver a clean tasting, refreshing, easy to drink premium beer at 4.5%.


Only available in bottle all year

Butcombe Blond

Butcombe Blond ABV: 4.5%
Beer Colour

A clean tasting, refreshing, easy to drink premium bitter. Made using the palest English malt (sometimes known as lager malt), with the addition of finest Slovenian Styrians and Czechoslovakian Saaz hops. A light and fruity beer with unmistakeable citrus notes.

style: blond bitter: hop hop hop hop hop
see: ultra pale sweet: hop hop hop hop hop
smell: citrus, floral hop
taste: subtle, crisp, zesty

Butcombe Brunel IPA

Brunel IPA ABV: 5.0%
Beer Colour

Brunel and his fellow engineers challenged our sense of what was possible, and in doing so changed the face of the world. Brunel IPA is a clean tasting, dry and hoppy, authentic recipe India Pale Ale. Amber in colour, full bodied with a bittersweet finish…perfectly engineered!

style: India Pale Ale bitter: hop hop hop hop hop
see: tawny, amber, brown sweet: hop hop hop hop hop
smell: classic, hoppy ipa
taste: dry, bitter sweet


Butcombe is delighted to provide two ciders exclusive to us:


Ashton Press Cider

Ashton Press Cider ABV: 4.8%
Available from the PumpAvailable in a bottle

At last – a premium quality cider that tastes of apples!

Ashton Press is made from all English apples, pressed locally and conditioned in oak vats, producing a wonderful medium dry, strong, golden cider of superb quality. A wholly owned subsidiary of Butcombe Brewery, The Long Ashton Cider Co. was purchased in 2003 to celebrate the achievements of the National Fruit and Cider Institute, based at the Long Ashton Research Station near Bristol, which enjoyed 100 "fruitful" years until its closure in 2003.

nose: fresh & fruity
palate: robust apple taste with a slight bite
colour: golden straw

Ashton Still Traditional

Ashton Still Tradtional Cider ABV: 4.9%
Available from the Pump

A Traditional Somerset Cider…cloudy, golden straw coloured, robust and dry, with a slight bite. Light and refreshing, and may be lightly carbonated through natural conditioning…Totally Scrumptious!

nose: light and refreshing
palate: robust and dry with a slight bite
colour: cloudy, golden straw

Other Beers & Ciders

We are also delighted to offer a range of world beers, ciders and other products to our on-trade customers.

Other beers and ciders

We offer a mix of must-stock brands and hand-picked beers and ciders of the highest quality as well as a full range of bag in box ciders. Here is a flavour of the keg beers and ciders we sell to pubs:

Pouring Lager/Guinness

Name ABV Size
Carlsberg 3.8% 50 Litre Keg
Tuborg 4.0% 50 Litre Keg
Becks Vier 4.0% 50 Litre Keg
Fosters 4.0% 50 Litre Keg
Amstel 4.1% 50 Litre Keg
Guiness 4.1% 50 & 30 Litre Keg

Premium Lagers and Speciality Beers

Name ABV Size
Estrella Damm 4.6% 50 Litre Keg
Red Stripe 4.7% 50 Litre Keg
Peroni 4.7% 50 Litre Keg
Veltins 4.8% 50 Litre Keg
Stella Artois 4.8% 50 Litre Keg
Chimay Gold 4.8% 20 Litre Keg
Kronenburg 1664 5.0% 50 Litre Keg
Heineken 5.0% 50 Litre Keg
San Miguel 5.0% 50 Litre Keg
Maisel's Weisse 5.2% 30 Litre Keg
Mahou 5.5% 30 Litre Keg


Mid 4% Lagers/Pilsners

Name ABV Size
Bohemia 4.5% 50 & 30 Litre Keg
Blond Premium 4.5% 50 & 30 Litre Keg
Frontier Lager 4.5% 30 Litre Keg

Keg Cider

Name ABV Size
Ashton Press 4.8% 50 Litre Keg
Thatchers Dry 4.8% 50 Litre Keg
Thatchers Gold 4.8% 50 Litre Keg
Thatchers Red 4.0% 50 Litre Keg
Green Goblin 6.0% 50 Litre Keg
Stowford Press 4.5% 50 Litre Keg
Mortimer's Orchard 5.0% 50 Litre Keg
Dry Blackthorn 5.0% 50 Litre Keg
Orchard Pig Reveller 4.5% 50 Litre Keg





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